Learn more about wine?

Amsterdam Wine Academy is a WSET approved program provider and licensed to offer WSET level 1, 2 and 3 in wine courses both in Dutch and in English. In addition, we work together with Wine Scholar Guild for students who want to specialize further. We operate from our tasting rooms in the heart of the lively De Pijp area in Amsterdam. Interested? Click below for an overview of all planned courses.

Our course offerings

Do you have a starting interest in wine or do you maybe want to work with wine? Then WSET level 1 in wine is the perfect wine course to start with.

Duration: 2 lessons + exam


Do you already have some basic knowledge, are you enthusiastic about wine and/or are you working on it professionally? Then WSET level 2 is the right course for you.

Duration: 8 lessons + exam


The wine course for the more advanced students in wine. With extensive attention in more detail to wine and wine making. And extra focus on the systematic approach to tasting wines.

Duration: 12 lessons + exam


Our course offerings from WSG

Have you completed WSET level 3 and do you think the step to WSET Diploma Course (level 4) is a bit too big? Then French Wine Scholar might be a good intermediate option. This course focuses on the enormous diversity of wine styles that the different wine regions of France have to offer.

Meet our educators

Meet our varied team of passionate wine educators. Each with a professional background in and up-to-date knowledge of wine.

Two locations, in the heart of Amsterdam

Gerard Doustraat 16, 1072 VP, Amsterdam
Tweede Jan Steenstraat 42, 1074 CP, Amsterdam

What do students say about us?

Last summer I took the WSET2 course. Wouter is an excellent teacher. The lessons were informative and the knowledge I gained is clearly applicable to every wine I pick: from the supermarket to the better restaurants. If you want to know more about wine, the Amsterdam Wine Academy is definitely worth the time and investment.

Merel van Oeffelen ENG

Course: WSET 2
Educator: Wouter Aalst

WSET 2 followed. Very nice for the beginning or slightly advanced wine lover.
Wouter is a born teacher and teaches in a very pleasant way. Very nice! Especially when the sometimes dry subject matter related to winemaking becomes more accessible and sticks.
If you are not convinced or enthusiastic at the beginning, you will become convinced as you go along!

Denise Kempers ENG

Course: WSET 2
Educator: Wouter Aalst

What a good course and excellent guidance by instructors Wouter( and also Linda during a catch-up lesson). I really recommend this course! You gain so much knowledge and learn about grape varieties, wine regions and so much more which makes you discern more nuances and…enjoy wine more!

Eline Hopperus Buma ENG

Course: WSET 2
Educator: Wouter Aalst

Took my first wine course (WSET level 2) at the Academy, and was extremely happy with the experience! I am planning to take more courses at the Academy and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about wines, both for personal interest and professional improvement!

Claudio Mattiuzzo ENG

Course: WSET 2
Educator: Wouter Aalst

What a fun and engaging course! I learned so much through this course and feel confident in my new abilities to identify various wine regions and grape varieties. It was a joy to attend the class and I very much looked forward to each lesson. I am glad I started at Level 1…I am now hooked and looking forward to completing the next levels. Thank you Amsterdam Wine Academy!

Amy Schaeffer ENG

Course: WSET 1
Educator: Wouter Aalst

I had a honor to study in AWA and finalize my WSET trainings there. The teaching is in very high level and teachers constantly are ready to take extra mile in order to support your studies. Definitely can recommend to everyone who wants to learn more about wines in very positive and supportive environment.

Mikko H ENG

Course: WSET 1
Educator: Wouter Aalst

I enjoyed the WSET level 1 course. It was an informative and engaging process of learning and tasting the wines. I’ve decided to continue level 2 as I have more curious questions about wine that I want to learn.

Kadua Tukvaga ENG

Course: WSET 1
Educator: Wouter Aalst

Do you want to learn more about wine?

Amsterdam Wine Academy is a WSET approved program provider.