WSET Level 3

The course for advanced students in wine. With extensive focus on wine and winemaking in greater detail, plus extra emphasis on systematic tasting!

What can I expect?

WSET Level 3 Wine Course in Amsterdam

NB: We geven deze cursus ook in het Nederlands.

WSET Level 3 builds upon the knowledge gained in Level 2 and is truly an advanced wine education. We discuss in detail the key factors in grape growing, climate, winemaking, and the various wine regions.

Wine tasting

The systematic WSET tasting technique is, of course, a major focus at Level 3, where we link theory and practice. To understand what we taste and where certain flavors originate, we continuously connect the theory from the study book with what we find in our glass. This step-by-step approach helps you become accustomed to this analytical way of evaluating different wines.

At Amsterdam Wine Academy, you can also be assured of tasting some fantastic wines. We also pay attention to wines at the lower end of the market, so you learn to assess the quality of every wine.

Extra tasting opportunities

It’s always a good idea to form tasting groups with other students for extra practice. As a student at Amsterdam Wine Academy, you are also always welcome in our wine bar on Lutmastraat (Paskamer). We can arrange additional tasting sessions with feedback from one of our sommeliers.

After the WSET Level 3 course you will be familiar with:

Studymaterial and exam

The WSET Level 3 exam consists of both a theory and a tasting part:

You will answer 50 multiple-choice questions and 4 open-response questions. All the necessary knowledge is contained in the study book and study guide. Plan to study approximately four hours per week and go through a few chapters each time.

You will evaluate 2 wines in a blind tasting. You must achieve a passing score for both wines.

We offer more hours than WSET prescribes because we aim for an above-average pass rate, and this approach demonstrably increases your chances of passing the exam. Especially with more hours of instruction from one of our highly qualified educators.

Retake: in case you fail only one part, you only need to retake that part. You will have at least two opportunities per year to retake the exam. 
For more information: Download the specification from WSET (PDF) 

WSET Level 3 is an advanced level wine course and we therefore recommend completing WSET Level 2 first. However, this is not mandatory. Are you in doubt? Call or email us!

Want to continue after Level 3? Specialize in Italian or French wine with our WSG courses!

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Yes, I want to learn more about wine!

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