WSET Level 3

The wine course for the more advanced students in wine. With extensive attention in more detail to wine and wine making. And extra focus on the systematic approach to tasting wines.

What can I expect?

WSET level 3 curriculum

WSET Level 3 builds on the knowledge you gained in Level 2. We discuss in more detail the most important factors in grape growing, climate, wine making and the different wine regions. You will find all the theoretical knowledge you need to pass the exam in the included study book and study guide. Before each next lesson, you always go through a number of chapters so that you know what is discussed. You need about four hours a week to study the material. The textbook is not very thick, but well filled with concise and relevant information. With that you have a fair amount of knowledge to take in. As a student you will receive more classroom hours from us than WSET prescribes. We do this because we strive for an above-average level of success and this approach demonstrably increases the chance of passing your exam. Especially with more hours of lessons from one of our highly qualified teachers.

We will learn you how to use the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting (SAT). This tasting method naturally also receives a lot of attention at Level 3. We let you get used to this analytical way of judging the different wines step by step. To properly understand what we taste and where certain flavors come from, we always make links between the theory from the textbook and what we find in our glass. At Amsterdam Wine Academy you can also be sure that you will taste some fantastic wines. We also pay attention to wines at the lower end of the market. This is necessary to learn how to estimate the quality of each wine. And ultimately to achieve one of the most important goals of this course: independently make a weighted assessment of the style and quality of the wine you have in your glass.

At WSET Level 3 it is always a good idea to form trial groups with other students to practice together. And as a student you are always welcome in our wine bar in the Lutmastraat (wine bar Paskamer). Then, in consultation, we will place a number of tasting glasses for you in an extra tasting session, with feedback from one of our sommeliers.

This exam consists of theory and practice. In the theory part you answer 50 multiple choice questions and 4 open questions. The practical part consists of assessing 2 blind tasting wines. For both you need to score a pass to get the certificate and pin of WSET Level 3 in Wine. If you pass one of the two parts, you only have to retake the exam for the part you failed to score. You will have the opportunity to take resits at least twice a year.

Download the specification from WSET (PDF)

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Yes, I want to learn more about wine!

Yes, I want to learn more about wine!

Amsterdam Wine Academy is a WSET approved program provider.