French Wine Scholar

Become an expert on the wines of France!

What can I expect?

French Wine Scholar curriculum

Students that enroll the FWS program are provided with a study guide that contains all information necessary to pass the exam. Besides the book there also is an online environment that our students can make use of. This is full of very useful supporting materials like practice exam questions, lists of AOC’s, suggested wines for tasting etc.

Firstly, there will be no tasting of wines in the exam. Of course students will taste a selection of high quality wines during the course days. The wines will be used to underline specific characteristics of the climate, the ‘terroir’ and the grape varieties.

The FWS exam is a multiple choice theory exam with 100 questions. Students that achieve a score of at least 75% are eligible to use the FWS post nominal. 

NB: You are not obliged to follow the WSET levels first. However, we strongly feel that a fair amount of basic wine knowledge is needed to keep up with the classes. 

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Ja, ik wil meer leren over wijn!

Yes, I want to learn more about wine!

Amsterdam Wine Academy is a WSET and WSG approved program provider.