Our educators

At AWA, the lessons are provided by an enthusiastic group of teachers. All with a different background, but with a huge passion for wine as a common denominator. Meet our fantastic team here!

Wouter Aalst DipWSET/WA

Wouter is the founder of Amsterdam Wine Academy. In 2020 he graduated as Weinakademiker (WA) at the Weinakademie Österreich. He also holds the WSET Diploma Course (Level 4) and can call himself Italian Wine Scholar. In addition to being a teacher at the wine school, Wouter is the owner of wine bar Paskamer, also in De Pijp. He likes to drink  Chianti Classico and Champagne.

Linda van der Helm

Linda lives and works in Amsterdam. Besides her work in wine bar Paskamer, she does voluntary work in a vineyard and writes about wine on grapefinds.nl. She has a preference for rare grape varieties and lesser-known wine regions. But Linda loves Riesling just as much. In 2019 she completed WSET Level 3 with ‘distinction’ and has been happy to share her knowledge about wine with her students ever since!

Olle Swets DipWSET/WA

Olle Swets is an entrepreneur and owner of ‘De Wijnwinkel’ in Amsterdam. An independent importer and distributor of pure wine and leading European winemakers. Olle completed his Diploma Course and Weinakademiker in 2008 and has been a regular WSET Tutor ever since, specializing in Burgundy and Italy.
In addition to his work with winegrowers, Olle and his wife Charlotte Marres have published two books in recent years, ‘De Wijnboer’ and ‘De Buitenkeuken’.

Bas Korpel FWS

Bas is a wine writer and works for large retail organizations such as Gall & Gall, Jumbo and PLUS. He also works as a taster for the De Grote Hamersma team. In 2020 he wrote BURP the other wine book about the labels of wine. Bas initially followed the path of SDEN to vinoloog, but he is now also active with WSET. He loves to travel and has visited dozens of wine regions in twelve different wine countries. But according to him, the end is not yet in sight. He likes to drink champagne, riesling and pinot noir.

Dorine van den Elzen RV

Dorine has been living and working as ‘De Wijnjuf Curaçao’ on this tropical island for 15 years. She is a Registered Vinoloog (RV) of the Wine Academy and obtained her WSET Level 3 in 2019. Like Linda, Dorine has a preference for special grape varieties and in particular those from Piemonte. She organizes a wine tour from Curaçao to this amazing region every year. From May 1, 2021, Dorine will provide WSET courses in the Caribbean under the flag of the Amsterdam Wine Academy.

Goos van den Berg RV/DipWSET

Goos discovered his love for wine during his work in the Utrecht and Amsterdam hospitality industry, including in a Michelin starred restaurant. During this period he successfully completed the WSET Diploma Course. “The beauty of the wine world is that you never stop learning and there is always something new to discover”. He won the international Copa Jerez in 2017 and therefore likes to drink a glass of sherry. He is also a great lover of Champagne, German Riesling and Syrah from the Northern Rhône.

Joris Hartman DipWSET

Since starting his first WSET course in 2018, he has only become more enthusiastic about everything related to wine. And there is always more to discover! He started the WSET Diploma (Level 4) course in 2021 and passed with merit in 2023. As well as working as a psychiatry resident, he enjoys sharing his passion for wine with friends and, of course, while teaching a course. He loves Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo wines, but you can always wake him up for a glass of Cabernet Franc from the Loire or Switzerland.

Robert de Zeeuw DipWSET

Robert provides your wine course with great enthusiasm, expertise and a touch of humour. He has been teaching for many years and draws on his previous experiences as a sommelier and account manager at the Dutch Wine Institute. Nowadays he is an independent entrepreneur with his own wine company. Since 2017 he is in possession of his WSET level 4 which he followed in London. Robert likes to discover the lesser known grape varieties and prefers sustainable wines.

Hope Flanagan

Hope fell in love with wine while traveling the world and still loves exploring new regions at any chance. She is a WSET Diploma student, wine educator, and part-time business compliance consultant. While she has a soft spot for Spanish reds and whites from the Loire, when visiting home (USA), she always cracks open a California cabernet sauvignon with her family.

Mark van Mil FWS

In addition to his day-to-day work as a tax specialist, Mark has a passion for wine. He passed his WSET 3 in wine in 2022 and succesfully completed the French Wine Scholar programme in the beginning of 2024. Mark likes to organize different evenings where wine and food have centre stage. He is enthusiastic about lesser-known wines that are surprisingly beautiful. A guilty pleasure are vintage champagnes.

Dennis van Galen FWS

At the age of ten, Dennis already made a school assignment about wine. The wine flame really took off on his first WSET course. He has now successfully completed Level 3 and French WIne Scholar and fills every possible moment in his life, and space at home, with wine and everything related to it. Dennis thinks the most beautiful thing is visiting winemakers and gaining stimulating wine experiences. Dennis also runs CREA, the cultural center of the UvA and HvA (including café), thus combining art, culture and wine. He is a cosmopolitan wine omnivore with a fascination for recent Dutch wine.

Joep Denneman

Joep’s love for wine started a few years ago with friends. He completed WSET Level 2 & 3 with distinction at AWA in 2022 and is continuing now with Diploma Course. In addition to teaching, Joep is a winespecialist at Pasteuning and studies Commercial Economics at the HvA.


Favorite wines are white & red Burgundy and Tuscan wines from Sangiovese.

Rosemarie Veldhoen

Rosemarie, born in Amsterdam. Has been working in the hospitality industry for years, moved from the kitchen to the front and completed WSET Level 3 with distinction in 2022. She currently works as a freelance sommelier at Café de Klepel, Café Parlotte and Kaagman & Kortekaas, among others. She is also responsible for the wine menu at Café de Tros. She also works 3 days a week at Bolomey wine import. A company that matches her love for wine where natural wine and the classic style intersect.

Vivienne Papadosifaki

Greetings! I’m Vivienne Papadosifaki, a native of Greece. My journey into the world of beverages began after immersing myself in wine studies, achieving WSET levels 1 through 3, and attending the French Wine Scholar. However, it was my encounter with sake that truly captivated my senses.

Diving headfirst into the art and science of sake, I proudly acquired all WSET certifications and my ETP. Since then, my dedication to mastering sake has become my top priority for my beverage exploration. 
While I cherish the experience of savoring a fine glass of wine at the Paskamer, my true passion is the pursuit of unique sake bottles across the globe. 

Monique Pellinkhof FWS

Monique, to the delight of her French family, has been interested in wine from an early age. She first followed SDEN2, and then with pleasure passed WSET2&3 and the French Wine Scholar programma thanks to the Amsterdam Wine Academy. After a short career as a wine purchasing manager, she now travels around Europe for Research & Education, preferably also for wine. She therefore thinks it is fantastic to be able to pass on this knowledge and share enthusiasm. She is involved in a wine bar in Amsterdam East, where she likes to taste all the gems of the new and old world.

Martin de Pee

As a teacher you are of course also a wine lover. Martin is in a superlative position. And not just wine, to gain more knowledge about wine and food, he obtained the diploma SVH Gastronome/sommelier (in which WSET Level 3). He took great pleasure in acquiring practical experience at wine bar Paskamer. Martin gets happy when he can talk about wine, excited when he tastes something beautiful or surprising and has a small place for beautiful dry wines from chenin blanc.

Marco Herrouz DipWSET

Marco was born and raised in Torino, the capital of Piemonte. With a degree in Political Science he landed in Amsterdam where, upon completion of a MSc in Political Communication, he worked at B Corporation as Director of Communications. Nevertheless, he couldn’t resist going back to his true passion for wine and decided to formally embark in wine studies. After a hands-on experience as vineyard and winery assistant at Betuws Wijndomein, Marco completed the WSET Diploma (L4) with merit. He is a WSG French Wine Scholar with highest honours, WSET certified educator and Cava D.O. educator and ambassador. Favourite grape variety? Grenache!

Jasper van Uden

Jasper received his WSET Level 3 Award in Wines in 2022. Since then he has been associated with AWA as an educator. He likes to dive into theory and practice in an interactive and structured way. Jasper also works as a lawyer in Amsterdam.

Marie-Sophie Chapelier

Marie comes from the beautiful region of Auvergne in France, and has been living in the Netherlands for the last 11 years. She spent 6 years working in the wine industry, from wine négociants in Bordeaux to a Dutch wine importer, during which she completed WSET 3. She loves to explore wine regions, listen to winemakers stories and discover local grapes. She is looking forward to sharing her passion with you! 

Jeroen Simons DipWSET

Amsterdam is Jeroen’s natural habitat. He works as a sommelier at Café de Klepel in the Jordaan and has completed the WSET Diploma Course. In the summer months he helps in a new vineyard and wine making project Wijntuin Ronja. Jeroen has a strong preference for French wine, but: “Actually, all honest wine with a soul and a sense of origin is beautiful.”

Arend-Jaap van der Lely DipWSET/WA

Arend-Jaap (A-J) is the owner of Wijn op Dronk, importer of boutique wines from France, Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Wijn op Dronk’s customers are fine dining restaurants, wine bars and wine-lovers. Arend-Jaap is a WSET diploma graduate and a Weinakademiker. His thesis was on a study on pinot from the Ahr, Germany and Central Otago, New Zealand. As Robert Parker, A-J is a lawyer. After a legal career of 20 years he has turned his passion into a job.

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