WSET Level 2

Do you already have some basic knowledge, are you enthusiastic about wine and/or are you working on it professionally? Then WSET level 2 is the right course for you.

What can I expect?

WSET level 2 Curriculum

In the WSET Level 2 course you will get a good overview of the world of wine. We discuss the main grape varieties, the different wine styles and the areas where the grapes are grown. Growing grapes and making wine are also discussed. 

For example, you will learn how choices made by the winemaker in the cellar affect the flavor profile of the wines we taste. You will find all the theoretical knowledge you need to pass the exam in the included study book and study guide. Before each subsequent lesson, you read a number of chapters so that you are familiar with what we discuss. Take about two hours a week to study the material. The textbook is not thick, but well filled with concise and relevant information. With that you still have a reasonable amount of knowledge to take in.

WSET’s systematic tasting method is receiving a lot of attention, although blind tasting is not yet part of the exam at this level. Your WSET teacher will take you step by step to become more accustomed to this analytical way of assessing different wines. To properly understand what we taste and where certain flavors come from, we always make links between the theory from the textbook and what we find in our glass. At Amsterdam Wine Academy you can also be sure that you will taste some fantastic wines. We also pay attention to wines at the lower end of the market. This is necessary to learn how to estimate the quality of each wine.

The exam of the WSET Level 2 in Wine course consists of 50 multiple choice questions. You must get at least 28 correct to pass. If you fail to do so, you have the opportunity to resit at least twice a year.

Download the specification from WSET (PDF)

Note: It is not necessary to take WSET Level 1 first if you want to start with WSET Level 2.


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Yes, I want to learn more about wine!

Yes, I want to learn more about wine!

Amsterdam Wine Academy is a WSET approved program provider.