Join Florin on Saterday afternoon March 16 on a journey to discover the legendary region of Tokaj.
Tokaj is the birthplace of one of the world’s oldest sweet wines. Botrytis affected wines like Tokaji Aszu and Eszencia have made the region famous for centuries. Dry wines have also been produced in the region for a long time but mostly as a base wine for the Aszu. In the last two decades the local producers started to focus more on dry styles and single vineyards selection.
Together we will learn about the historical classification of the vineyards, local grapes, unique volcanic soils and different wine styles from dry to sweet. Furthermore we will taste single vineyard expressions of Furmint and Harslevelu, two of the most important grapes in the region. The wines are all coming from very small producers, as in our humble opinion they are the soul of this region by continuously experimenting and evolving to create world class wines. These wine are unique to The Netherlands so get ready for an extraordinary tasting experience.


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